Saturday, October 12, 2013

a little dose of europe

seeing as how it has been a year since i left for study abroad, i was getting really "homesick" for my european home.

thank goodness for spontaneous friends like christian who think going on trips on a whim are fun :)

our 4 day journey started in london where we, of course, did all the typical touristy things like big ben, london bridge, and buckingham palace. we were lucky enough to go see les miserables (thanks mom) and let me tell you, it was incredible. we also went on the harry potter studio tour where we got to see the actual set where all the movies were filmed. it was so much fun to see it all in person!

next came munich. we went to neuschwanstein, the castle that walt disney based sleeping beauty's castle off of in disneyland. i've never seen something so beautiful! we also went to dachau, which was a very humbling experience. you learn about the holocaust in school, but seeing where it actually took place was...well if i'm being honest, really cool. it's sad to think of what happened there, but to see it all in person was life-changing. to top off the whole trip, we went to the real oktoberfest! not many people can say they've done that and it was a million a billion times better than i ever could've imagined. there were rides everywhere and tons of yummy food. it was a dream come true!

i wish we had time to go to italy, but i guess i'll save that for another trip :) (hint hint dad)

until my next four days

xoxo -k