Saturday, July 30, 2011

I don’t understand how you can smile all day long but cry yourself to sleep at night. How pictures never change but the people in them do. How your best friend can become your worst enemy, or how strange it is when your worst enemy turns into your best friend. How forever turns into a few short months that you’d do almost anything to get back. How you can let go of something you once swore you couldn’t live without. How even though you know something is best for you, it just hurts the same. How the people who once wanted to spend every second with you, think a few minutes of their time is too much to spare. How people make promises despite knowing how common it is for promises to be broken. How people can erase you from their lives and memories just because it’s easier than working things out.
-the genius words of my dear friend, karina

her words are like magic

Rushing and racing and running in circles
Moving so fast I'm forgetting my purpose
Blur of the traffic is sending me spinning
Getting nowhere

My head and my heart are colliding chaotic
Pace of the world I just wish I could stop it
Try to appear like I've got it together
I'm falling apart

Save me
Somebody take my hand and lead me
Slow me down
Don't let love pass me by
Just show me how
Cause I'm ready to fall

Slow me down
Don't let me live a lie
Before my life flies by
I need you to slow me down

Sometimes I fear that I might disappear
In the blur of fast forward I falter again
Forgetting to breathe
I need to sleep
I'm getting nowhere

All that I've missed I see in the reflection
Pass me while I wasn't paying attention
Tired of rushing, racing and running
I'm falling apart

Tell me
Oh won't you take my hand and lead me
Slow me down
Don't let love pass me by
Just show me how
Cause I'm ready to fall

Slow me down
Don't let me live a lie
Before my life flies by
I need you to slow me down

Just show me
I need you to slow me down
Slow me down
Slow me down

The noise of the world is getting me caught up
Chasing the clock and I wish I could stop it
Just need to breathe
Somebody please
Slow me down

Thursday, July 28, 2011

what i know vs what i want

There's this boy I met this year. We became best friends and spent lots of time together. Just recently, things changed. The time we spent together was different. Our friendship was different. We began spending even more time together and feelings for each other developed into something more.

Okay, so I didn't love him. Or I guess, I did love him, but I wasn't in love with him. But what we had, had potential. We had talked about our feelings and were on the same page. What changed? Was it something I did? Was it something I said? Or was it just ghosts from the past haunting us?

This is the first time I'd fully wanted to let myself go to someone again. After my last relationship, I'd been more careful about opening up to people. I closed myself off to people because I was afraid of getting hurt again and the only way I knew how to prevent that was shutting people out.

I felt comfortable with him. He was the guy I could be silly around. He was the guy I could have a good time with without saying anything.

No matter what we were doing, I enjoyed the time we spent together. He always made me laugh. He always brightened my day. 

Everyone tells me he's not worth my time. Everyone tells me he's not worth my tears. Everyone tells me I deserve better. Deep down, I know all of this is true. But I can't just forget about my feelings. Yeah, it sucks to feel like this. But I always catch myself wondering, "What if he chooses me? What if he realizes how dumb he was? Why doesn't he see how great things could have been? What if he's thinking the same thing?" 

I know exactly how things are going to turn out for them so I don't want to give up hope for us. I don't want to just be waiting there for him when she bails, but I want him so badly. I want so badly for him to come to his senses and do what is right. Things were finally going well for us and she stepped back in and took him from me. 

I want a boy who would shove ice cream in my face.
I want a boy who will wrestle with me.
I want a boy who shows me off to his family and friends.
I want a boy who treats me with respect.
I want a boy who will call me at four in the morning to tell me he can't stop thinking about me.
I want a boy who sings to me, even if he can't.
I want a boy who will dance with me, rain or shine.
I want a boy who will lay with me when I'm having a bad day.
I want a boy who will laugh with me for hours.
I want a boy who could break my heart, but wouldn't dream of it. 

People will ask what the point is in liking someone who doesn't like you back. They are right, there isn't a point. But you can't help who you like, it's not up to you. Your heart kind of just decides for you and there is no turning back once your heart makes up its mind.

I'm trying to be strong. I'm trying to move on. But it hurts to see them together. It hurts when people ask about him. Inside, I want to cry. But I put on a smile and say everything is okay. But it's my true friends who know I'm lying. They are the ones who tell me it's okay to cry. It doesn't mean I'm weak. But it's that feeling that I hate. The feeling that you are about to cry and at that exact moment, someone asks if you're okay. You try to smile but you physically just can't do it anymore, and eventually the effort of trying to smile for this one person has the tears spilling over. 

Sometimes all I want is to be alone but I have to put on a happy face and go out. 

Sometimes all I want is someone to talk to but no one understands what it's like. 

Sometimes all I want is to lay in bed and think about things.

Sometimes all I want to do is cry and it seems like that's all I do when I go home.

I think it's time to run away for a day at the beach..

He was never my boyfriend, but I miss his hugs, his smiles, his advice, his love, his kindness, the times we cried together, and the times we laughed together. I guess I fell in love with our friendship.

the city of love

I love my mom's job. It's given me opportunities to travel places I would never be able to go otherwise. It's also a nice perk having my DG sisters all over the world so I can go visit them! One of my pledge sisters, Katie, has been doing a study abroad in Paris for the past three months. Another pledge sister, Allie, and I decided we wanted to go out and visit her for a few days! I've always dreamed of going to Paris and it was so much more than I could've ever imagined.

We arrived in France on Sunday. We spent the day wandering the city. The first place we stopped was a little cafe called Les Deux Magots for some coffee. We got to watch the Tour de France from the Notre Dame which was incredible. We went to the Louvre and continued to explore the city for the rest of the day.

Monday, we went to Sacre Coeur which is a famous cathedral. It was amazing! We also went to the Eiffel Tower. It was exactly like in the pictures, only about 10x as big as I imagined. It was absolutely beautiful! We climbed all 701 stairs and looked out at the city from the top. It was an amazing view of the entire city!

Tuesday, we went to the Luxemborg Gardens and made our way back to the Louvre. We also went to the Arc de Triomphe because we couldn't get there before due to the race! It was massive!! That night, we went back to the Eiffel Tower to see it lit up at night and to watch it sparkle. It was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I tried to get pictures of it, but they just don't do it justice. I highly recommend that everyone make the journey to Paris to see that at least once it their life. Definitely a must see and I will be going back as soon as possible! I am in love with this city and want to move there someday.