Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my life as of recently

I haven't been very good about posting on here so I thought I should give an update of what's been going on recently in my life!

A while back, Rachael and I found this unbelievable place filled with giant ice castles. The castles were enormous and absolutely breathtaking. I've never seen anything like it!

Sigma Chi had their Spring Bid Party for their Spring 2011 Pledges! It's always a good time with my boys <3 We had a great night of dancing and hanging out with everyone!
Silvia, Leah, me, and Kayli

Kimi and I

Me, Kimi, and Sarah

Tait, Kimi, and Keifer

Kenzie, Carol, and I

Katie and I

Kimi, me, Kayli, and Katie

Ryan and I

Cate and I

Rach and I just dancing our hearts out

There were a few date nights as well! For SigEp date night, we had a scavenger hunt! It was a ton of fun and I went with my great friend Carson Jones!
Nicole, me, and Karen

Mark and Nicole

Ricky and Kayli

Manda, me, and Kayli

Kirsten, Manda, me, Amanda, Nicole, Allie, Callie, and Silvia

Next was Sig date night. I went with Tait Meskey! We made Valentine's Day cards for children up at the hospital and decorated cookies! It was so much fun!!
Rach, Nicole, and I

Me and Tait

Tait and I

Nicole and JJ

Kayli, Tait, and Nicole

Marissa even came for a surprise visit :)

Kappa Sig date night was much more recently than the rest but I figured I'd just put it in with the rest! I went with Cheston Newhall and we went to a Bees game! Suuuch a great night full of amazing memories!
Me, Taner, and Cheston

Sally and I on Trax

Jeremy, Cheston, Taner, Sally, me, and Katie

Katie, Jeremy, and I

Katie, Jeremy, Taner, and I

Sally and Taner

Lots of us at the game!

I looove Ke$ha and a bunch of us got to go to her concert! It was insane!! Sooo crowded but we were on the front row!! Such an awesome night!!
Me, Ali, and Nicole

Sally, Leela, Victoria, and I

Ali and I

Ali and Nicole

Sam and Nicole

Me and Sam


Montana and Nicole

Zoey, Julie, Montana, Victoria, Sally, Nicole, Leela, Ali, Sam, and I

"Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter make it rain."

Every year SigEp has a Decades party and you dress up as a certain decade! Nicole and I went in 80's clothes!
Austin and Nicole

Me, Taylor, Carson, Kirby, and Nicole

Mariah, Nicole, and I

That same night, Sig had their annual Jersey Shore themed party. Everyone dresses as if they were on the TV show Jersey Shore. Makes for quite a riot!
Lauren, Devin, and I

All my Highland girls <3 Izzy, Kimi, Krista, Nicole, Lauren, Gabby, Ruby, and I

Keifer and I

Bella and I

Ruby and Spencer

For Spring Break we stopped in Vegas and went to Hawaii for a week! It was the best time of my life being in paradise with some of my very best friends! I wish I could go back right now!
Teresa, me, Sierra, and Silvia before Cirque Du Soleil's "Love"

Sierra, me, and Teresa

Teresa, me, Sierra, and Silvia

Karen, Sierra, Collette, Teresa, and I

Me and Khalid

Me, Silvia, Sierra, and Teresa

Silvia, me, Teresa, James, Danny, Zac, Khalid, John, and Abe

Silvia and her favorite bird

Karen, Sam, Silvia, Evan, me, Nick, and Sierra

Karen, Silvia, me, and Sierra

Hanging out at the beach!

Sierra and Karen

Silvia and Teresa

Silvia, Sam, Sierra, Evan, Karen, and Nick

Sierra and Karen

The view from our room!

Karen passed out at the beach

Silvia's first experience in Hawaii!

The pool guy brought us all Otter Pops every day!

Evan, Karen, and Sierra

Teresa, Nick, Sam, Evan, Karen, Sierra, and I

Karen and Sierra

Teresa and Nick

Nick and Silvia

Sierra got FRIED

Silvia, Sierra, Karen, me, and Teresa

Karen and I

Sierra, Silvia, and Teresa

Me, Karen, Sierra, Teresa, and Silvia

Me, Karen, Sierra, Teresa, and Silvia

Silvia, Teresa, Karen, and Sierra

Me and Silvia

Me and Karen

Me and Teresa

Teresa and Silvia

Karen and Teresa

Silvia, Karen, and Sierra

Me and Sierra

Me, Silvia, and Teresa

Teresa, Sierra, Silvia, Karen, and I

Teresa, Silvia, me, and Sierra

Karen, Silvia, Sierra, me, and Teresa

Happy Birthday Silvia!

Teresa, Silvia, me, Karen, and Sierra

Teresa, Karen, me, Sierra, and Silvia

Teresa walking down Waikiki Beach!


Sierra, Karen, and Silvia

Me, Sierra, Karen, and Silvia

Me, Silvia, Sierra, and Karen

Silvia, Karen, me, and Sierra

Karen walking down the pier

Sierra, Karen, me, and Silvia

Sierra, Karen, me, and Silvia

Silvia and "A-Wah"

Sierra, me, Silvia, and Karen

Sierra, Karen, and I

Teresa, Silvia, Karen, Sierra, and I


Teresa, me, and Silvia

Me, Teresa, Silvia, Karen, and Sierra

Nick and Sierra

Nick, Sierra, and Karen

Me, Silvia, Jacob (Our Waiter!), Karen, Sierra, and Teresa

Me and Silvia

Silvia and I

Silvia and I making our own leis!

Sierra and her lei!


Sierra, me, Karen, Silvia, and Teresa

Karen, Silvia, me, Sierra, Teresa, and our new streetdancer friends!

Silvia, Karen, me, Sierra, Teresa, and our new streetdancer friends!

Sierra and I in our new matching outfits!

Silvia at Matsumoto

Teresa, Karen, Sierra, Silvia, and I

Silvia and I hitchiking!

Silvia and I

Andrew, me, Isaac, Silvia, Karen, and Sierra

Me cliff jumping!

Me, Sierra, and Silvia saluting on top of the cliff!

Me, Sierra, and Silvia saluting and jumping off the cliff!

Me and Silvia

Isaac, Silvia, Karen, me, and Andrew creepin hahaha

Sierra, Karen, Silvia, and I

Sierra, Karen, Silvia, and I being pummeled by a wave!

Karen and I recreating the statue

Sig's spring formal was in Jackson Hole! I went with Nick Ledee! We went up for the weekend and I must say, it was one of the greatest weekends of the year! We all just hung out in the town and everyone looked beautiful at formal.
Me and Nick

Seth, TJ, me, Tait, and Nicole

Me and Leah

Allie, Leah, and I

Me and JJ

Natalie and Silvia

Rachael, John, Karen, Silvia, Nicole, Natalie, and I

Me, Abbie, and Breegan

Leah and I

Rachael and I

Best friends <3

Me and Mama Duck!

Nick and I

Alexis and I

Spencer, Alexis, me, Paige, and Rachael

Adam and Rachael

Best room ever (plus Paige)! James, Heidi, Alexis, Pat, Paige, Nick, me, Rachael, and Adam

Molly and I in our Betsey dresses :)

Adam and Rachael

Me and Nicole

Adam, Rachael, Molly, and Matt

Chelsea, Natalie, Allie, Nicole, Karen, me, Rachael, Amanda, Katie, Sierra, Silvia, and Cici

Sierra and I

Me, Silvia, Karen, and Sierra

Ryan and I

JJ and Rachael

Me and JJ

Me, Katie, and Karen

Logan and Karen

Me and Dylan

John, Katie, and Khalid

Me and Daggy

John, Alexa, and I

Meggie and I

This year we had two foundation weeks: one in the fall and another in the spring. Spring was a little different. First, we had Casino Night again and then we had Delta Gammas in Pajamas which is a cereal party. We ended the week with our anchorman competition!
Polly, Carol, Julia, Kenzie, McCall, me, Karen, Sierra, Nicole, Teresa, Rachael, Allie, and Manda

Me and Rachael

Carol, Kenzie, Nicole, Karen, Mariah, Sierra, Allie, Julia, and Silvia

Me and Nicole

Me, Jayme, Nicole, and Allie

Me, Silvia, and Rachael

Leah, Allie, Silvia, Kimiko, Nicole, me, Allie, Rachael, and Natalie

Kimiko and I

Twice a year, the U hosts a free concert for students. In the spring it's called the Grand Kerfuffle. This year, Chiddy Bang and Mike Posner came! We had such a blast and were, of course, on the front row!
Hendrik, Ali, me, and Nicole

The Highland Crew (plus Hendrik)! Me, Matthew, Berlin, Telise, Adam, Thomas, and Hendrik

Me and Berlin

Me, Telise, and Berlin

Hendrik and I

Me, Talia, Ali, Silvia, Matthew, Berlin, Adam, Nicole, and Telise

Silvia and Matthew

Carly, Emily, me, and Ali

Carly, Emily, Jeremy, me, Morgan, Silvia, Ali, Adam, Berlin, Telise, Hendrik, Nicole, and Thomas

Mike Posner! (NO ZOOM!)

Hendrik, me, and Berlin

Cheston and I

While Hendrik was in town, I decided to take him up to Pocatello to Kim's gym. We had so much fun, but ended up having to cut our time short cause I hurt my knee going off the ramp!

After the semester ended, I went up to Oregon to visit Marissa. We hung out on campus and went to various events that were going on and had such a great time. I can't wait til she gets home for the summer :)
Ariston and I

Me and Kristine

Me and Sarah

Kristine, me, Sarah, and Marissa

Marissa, David, and I

Me, Alec, and Marissa

Me and Sarah

Pi Phi's decorations for Anchor Splash week!

Each year, Sig has a trip to Lake Mead. This year was soo much fun and I can't wait to go back next year!! It was super hot, but it was a nice break from the cold weather we've been having here in Utah!
Me, Nicole, Rachael, and Teresa in Vegas before we left for Mead!

Nicole and Rachael

Karen, Rachael, Teresa, and Kelcie

Rachael, Morgan, Adrienne, and Jayme

Me and Kelsey

Nicole, Sierra, Karen, and I

Gray, Nicole, me, and Josh

Kelsey and Leah

Nicole and I

Gray and I

Me and Ben

Lisa, me, Ben, and Nicole

Ben and Nicole

Me, Rachel, Nicole, and Ali

Karen, me, and Allie

Karen, me, Allie, Nicole, and Alexis

Montana and Nicole

Sally, Molly, me, and Julie

KDK! Amy, Gabby, Leah, Meera, me, Kelsey, Nicole, and Tarah

Gabby, Meera, Leah, Karen, me, John, Kelsey, Nicole, Buck, Tarah, Amy, and Julie

Brandon, Nicole, and I

Kelsey, Brandon, and Nicole

Me, Karen, Nicole, and Garrett

Polly, Kirsten, Nicole, me, Kenzie, Karen, and Carol

Me and Spencer

Future cousins: Alexa and I

Me and Rachael

Striker and I

Striker and Rachael

JJ and I

Luis and Jayme

Mohsen and Spencer

Rachael, Spencer and I

Rachael and Spencer

Spencer and I jumping off the houseboat

KDK: Kelsey, me, Meera, and Leah

Leah, me, and Ryan

Nicole, Kelcie, and I

Me and Carson

Sierra, Pat, and I

Me, Nitz, and Sierra

Me and Rachel

Me and Kelsey

Hahahah Jeremy

Kenzie, me, Polly, and Kirsten

The ChiO's out on the lake!

I'm all done with my first year of college and it's gone by faster than I could've possibly imagined! I've had the best time and met so many amazing people and I can't wait to see what the summer brings!!! ΔΓ ♥ ⚓

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