Friday, December 30, 2011

Hahahaha it's times like these I wish I kept a journal regularly.. I just found my journal from the cruise Lauren and I went on back in 8th grade. This was by no means a journal a lot of thought was put into (clearly, as you will see), but I can't stop laughing! Hahahahaha

April 16, 2006
Today we got to Fort Lauderdale and got on our boat called the Millennium. There are 2 boys in the room next to us who are way hot! Their names are Tyler and Grant. They live in Florida. Today was a relaxing day. It has been really fun so far.
Funny things of the day: 

  • To be, or not to be
  • Beds on airport chairs
  • Seeing the tiny room
  • Larry
  • We're mithing a pathenger
  • Jiggello
  • G. Dancing

April 17, 2006
Not much new stuff has happened. Tyler was a brat yesterday but we hung out with both of them today. They are the funniest people I have ever met. I hope we get to spend more time w/ them. Lauren is obsessed with Grant. We have banging wars with them on the walls.
Funny stuff today:

  • Banging on walls
  • Dirty dancer
  • Matt stalking Lauren
  • My tongue is numb

April 18, 2006
There is this kid who looks exactly like Nate and is obsessed with ping-pong. He's funny though. We hung out w/ Grant and Tyler again. They're fun to be around. I spent time w/ Tyler while Lauren spent time w/ Grant. He's really nice when he's alone. We were in Puerto Rico today. I hated it there.
Funny things: 

  • Swimmy-swim
  • Shoe war
  • Trying on Tyler's size 13 shoe
  • Old people dancing
  • Breadsticks
  • Orange sherbet @ dinner

April 19, 2006
Today we went to Antigua. It was beautiful. We went on a tour and to the beach. I forgot, but last night, Grant and Tyler (Wyler... haha) were obsessed with the breadsticks. We also caught slut-girl and Atheist having sex. Anyway, we watched G. and T. play soccer. They are good at every sport.
Funny stuff:

  • Singing taxi driver
  • Guy offering us weed

April 20, 2006
Today we went to St. Maarten. It was my favorite island by far. The water was such a pretty color and I saw a turtle. G. and T. don't like us anymore because they met a new kid who is the biggest brat to us. We met a new girl though. Her name is Chelsea. She's nice. Pervy dirty-dancer came up to us and asked us gross questions. Hate him.
Funny stuff:

  • Looking for Del Sol

April 21, 2006
T. and G. really hate us. We got 1/2 payback @ karaoke though. We signed them up to sing Oops, I Did It Again and they wouldn't but everyone made fun of them for not going. We think Grant knows he had more fun w/ us cuz he is with the other boys and is silent but w/ us he's out of control. Earlier, Tyler told us everyone @ home hates Grant and now we understand why.
Funny stuff:

  • Chelsea getting mad @ the boys for us (since THEY stalk US)
  • Karaoke (Chelsea's an awesome singer)

April 22, 2006
Tonight's our last night! I don't want to go home! :( We had a pretty fun time tonight though. First, we spat gum into each other's mouths (we're weird, I know). We met 2 new girls and a new guy. The girls' names are Hannah and Pate (I think her name was Pate) and the guy's name was Mike. Andy brat-head called Lauren a skank and a b**** and Lisa got way mad at him. Hannah fainted @ the dance party because all she had that day was a piece of toast, 6 coffees, 4 red bulls, and 20 diet cokes. Her grandma also told her she was ugly. Lauren wears lots of eyeliner so Shannon put on lots and did it ugly and they looked identical. I'm so sad we have to leave tomorrow.
Funny stuff: 

  • Smoldering tempterace
  • Thug style
  • Gum
  • Lisa getting mad at Andy

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