Monday, September 10, 2012

bests of rome

since we are leaving rome in the morning, my roommates and i decided to compile a list of our favorite things in rome!

best pizza on a budget: pumpkin pizza from pizzeria florida
best pizza: diavolo pizza from fiorentina's

best gelato: millennium gelato
my best flavor combination: lampone, yogurt frutti de bosco, and merengata
rachael's best flavor combination: caffe, creme caramel, and merengata
chelsea's best flavor combination: sette veli, millennium, and varigato nutella
mckenna's best flavor combination: caffe, mandorla, and verigato nutella

best cannoli: cannoloria siciliana

best pasta restaurant: da fortunata
best kind of pasta: strazapretti

best museum: galleria nazionale d'arte moderna

best vintage store: vertigo

we're pretty much locals now so if anyone is going to rome and needs places to go, HIT US UP. we'll fill you in on the places to see and avoid!

arrivederci roma! buon giorno siena!

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