Tuesday, May 20, 2014

changes are coming!

clearly it's been a while since i last posted (that always seems to be the case). 

since i last posted in october, a lot has changed!

back in january, i met an amazing guy named aaron. my neighbor, tyler, had been hanging out with him a lot and they had been hanging out at my house with my brother. i'd met him a few times when he'd been over, but never remembered him. funny story though, he actually went up to my brother and said "i'm going to marry your sister." at the time he was joking, but he wanted to be set up with me. anyone who knows my brother shouldn't be shocked to hear his reaction.. "whatever." the first night i actually remembered meeting aaron, we were playing just dance and i guess he just loved my moves cause that got him hooked! we went down to st. george together (with a big group of friends) and that's when things initiated. we started dating and have been inseparable ever since that trip! things got really serious, really fast and i love him dearly! which leads to my next event.....

...I GOT ENGAGED!! aaron proposed on april 6 up on a mountain with the prettiest view of the twinkling city lights. it was so simple and thoughtful - exactly what i wanted. funny story... the night before, he wanted to drive to st. george in the middle of the night and propose at sunrise. typical kenzie move, i wouldn't wake up. i ruined my own engagement (oops, sorry aaron), so he had to come up with a new plan.. the next day was sunday and he said he wanted to go for a drive later. caroline came in while we were watching tv and asked kinnley when he was leaving. in my head i thought "leaving for what?" but she gets confused easily so i figured it was just another normal day. i was in workout shorts and around 8:30 he told me to go change into something warmer. i complained because i didn't want to get up (almost blew it twice...), but finally i got up and changed into sweats. we were about to walk out and he looked at me and said "umm.. maybe jeans." he knows me. he knew i wouldn't want to be proposed to in sweats. naturally, i got a little suspicious at this point. i panicked and started searching for a cute outfit but gave up and decided i was going crazy and that nothing was going to happen, but that even if something did that i didn't care what i looked like. i actually almost texted some friends and said "i think i'm about to get engaged" but i just thought i was overthinking things. we had talked about it and i didn't think it was going to happen until after graduation and this was a whole month before! but anyway, we drove up by the h rock and started walking, when i saw balloons in the distance and knew what was going on. i was actually getting engaged! we kept walking and my mom and sisters had set up the prettiest path of candles and lanterns and made a few banners. my brother was playing the guitar in the background and it was perfect. i honestly don't really remember what he said, but that's okay because neither does he. all i remember is him asking "will you marry me?" of course i said yes! i was so excited i didn't even look at the ring until we were walking back to the car and i realized i hadn't seen it yet. i'm still obsessed with it and constantly catch myself staring at it. we are getting married on september 19, which puts us just under 4 months until the wedding!!

last big thing that happened, i graduated from the university of utah! i got a bachelor of science degree in strategic communication, which is advertising, marketing, and public relations. i'm so happy to finally be done with school, but i plan on going back to get an mba sometime in the future.

that is pretty much what's been going on the past few months! just a very brief post to get caught up, but i'll post more about our plans as it gets closer to the wedding! we are taking our engagement pictures on friday, so be looking for that! :)

xoxo -k

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