Monday, November 12, 2012


ah florence. where to begin...
i've always heard so many amazing things about the city so i was so excited when we had the chance to go a few weeks ago! we have taken a few day trips there for shopping and museums, but this post is dedicated to the weekend we spent there with our class... enjoy!

friday started out with the usual... museums. rachael and chelsea love art history so they were thoroughly enjoying this experience. kenna and i on the other hand... not the biggest fans. we aren't huge art history people so trekking around the city in the rain wasn't our cup of tea. we made the best of it though, because we knew what was coming on saturday! and we did get to see the famous "david" so that was a cool experience! we had heard so much about this little hole in the wall sandwich shop called "the oil shoppe" so we made it our goal to go out and find it. boy were we glad we did! it took some time to find, but i have to say, it was possibly the best sandwich i've ever had. everything was so fresh and delicious and it's all we've talked about since! that night, we went to an "opera" at a church near our hotel. i was a little nervous for it but it ended up being very funny and we loved it! the singers were very talented and knew how to keep the crowd entertained! we headed back to the convent - yes, you heard me. the convent. we stayed in a convent. that was our hotel - and went to bed.. but not before chelsea turned into a cat (what else is new...) and meowed us to sleep.

in the book at the oil shoppe

rachael dropped her sandwich right after we walked outside...

at the opera!

with maurizio (one of the singers)

with alvaro (another singer)

saturday was a day full of shopping :) our favorite! we started out by grabbing an american breakfast at the diner then headed out for the day. we probably went to every store in florence. the day was spent trying on beautiful clothes (with minimal purchases mom.. don't worry), looking through the amazing florentine market, and being pampered at lush and falling in love with the new hair and face products we proceeded to buy. we tried to get another sandwich at the oil shoppe but it turns out it's closed on sundays so to all you florence-goers: don't plan to eat at the oil shoppe on a saturday. you will be sadly disappointed. this meant we were "forced" to get froyo at what is possibly the only self-serve frozen yogurt place in europe. boy do i miss that about home. it's going to be a problem that i've become addicted to froyo because of the place near our house in siena when i get home because it's all i'm going to want to eat ever!

so this was our weekend in florence! we loved the city so much that we were so excited to see it again this past weekend and we had been counting down ever since we left before.

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