Sunday, November 18, 2012

mont blanc

oh how i've missed the mountains. the cold, crisp, clean air, the trees, the snow.. everything about them. seeing everyone's pictures back home of how much snow there was making me so jealous so mont blanc was exactly what i needed. it was the perfect wintery lodge escape. and it was in the italian alps so how could it get better than that? i was living in my perfect fairytale!

when we got into courmayeur, we were all instantly so happy to be back in the mountains. it was the perfect little town in the alps with the cutest stores and streets. we checked into our hotel and went up to our room to found the cutest lodgy room. it had a huge bed and a loft and a balcony with the most beautiful view of mont blanc. we settled in for a little bit then went out and explored the town. most of the town was closed but it was still so cute to look into the windows of all the shops. we went back to the hotel early and cuddled up and just watched tv and went to bed.

the next day we took the tram up to the top of mont blanc and had the most beautiful view of the whole aosta valley. i was in heaven. it reminded me so much of a zermatt. we ate lunch up there then went back down and wandered around town again. tonight was another early night hanging out in the hotel room, drinking delicious tea, and giving each other massages. it was the perfect relaxing night!

poor sono tattooed her face so she'd remember to email her grandma...

poor, poor sono...

all in all, the weekend was nothing too exciting, but it was the perfect relaxing weekend in the mountains and was exactly the break we needed before finals.

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