Sunday, November 18, 2012


aka the day i went to heaven.

what started off as a day of feeling sick and miserable, quickly became one of the best days of my italian experience thanks to a sporadic decision to jump on a bus and go to the international european chocolate festival. after our italian class, we hurried home and changed then headed down to the train station to catch our bus to perugia.

about two hours later, we arrived in what looked like a tiny, sketchy town. not quite what we were expecting to see. we looked around for any sort of indication of a chocolate festival but found nothing...until the bus moved and we laid eyes on the choco train. our eyes instantly lit up and we did a running dance over to the trolley where we climbed aboard and headed up to the main part of town.

the drive up the mountain was filled with beautiful views of the umbria valley and our arrival at the top was an even more beautiful view...chocolate. everywhere we looked, there were endless tents full of every kind of chocolate imaginable. my mouth instantly started watering at the sight. this is when i realized i had boarded the choco train and been dropped off in heaven.

we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around to all the tents getting free samples of the most delicious chocolate in the world until we felt sick and then a little more. did nausea think it could stop me from eating something so scrumptious? who does it think i am? i was not going to stop until i threw up! okay.. so maybe i stopped earlier than that. but it didn't stop me from buying enough chocolate to make my arms sore from carrying the bags.

i bought a few little things to bring home to friends and family so you all have that to look forward to, as if seeing me again isn't enough! :) just kidding.

but that was the day i went to heaven. i was surrounded by the most delicious chocolate in the world for an entire afternoon and i bought enough to supply the children of africa. and i will be eating it all when i get home.. so if you want it, you better come get it fast. fat girl problems at its finest right here. om nom nom.

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