Monday, November 1, 2010

Anchor Splash

This past week was our philanthropy week, Anchor Splash. We started things off on Tuesday with a basketball tournament, Anchor Slam. Girls got teams together and everyone played their best games!
Rach and Silv
Trina, Katie, and Sierra
Our amazing CDC, Erin
Rach, McCall, Natalie, Kenzie, Kirsten, Nicole, Sierra, Karen, and Leah
Typical Silv
Silv and Emily
Katie, Sierra, and Kenzie
Silv and some KKG's
Chlo and Abby
Abby and Emily
Matthew VW
One of our great teams!
 Neena and Neela
My amazing big, Neela, and I
Neena and Carly
Josh and Brandon
Neela, John, and Luis
Trina and Nicole.. And of course, Silv creepin
Tobin and Katie
Karen, Jeremy, and Nicole
Me and Cate
Delta Gammmm
Julia and Jeremy
Trina and Nicole
Katie, Steph, and Julia
Leah, Nicole, Katie, and Karen
Katelyn and Sierra
Chlo, Heidi, Katelyn, and Rach
Alyssa and Nicole

Thursday was our FlapJack dinner. Lots of people came to enjoy the delicious food and just hang out!
Katie and Julia
Abby and Jane
Karen painting the signs
Hahaha cute Cortnie
Cici, Allie, Sara, and Allie
Trina, Nicole, and Katie
Manda and Cate
Karen, Kirsten, and Silv
DG PC'10
Silv, Rach, and Kimiko
Steph, Jane, Chlo, Morgan, Abby, and Vanessa
Chlo and I
Cate and I
DG PC'10 + Steph
Abby and Abbie
Natalie and Cici
Cici, Alexis, and Sierra
Karen and Leah
Katelyn and I, and once again, Silv creepin
Vanessa and Heidi
Kimiko and I
Callie and I
McCall and Kimiko
 The Stevens' and VW's; Sarah, Mary, Kate, Michael, and Matthew
Neena and Silv
Nicole, Chelsea, and Callie
Annie, Leah, Kenzie, and Karen
Trina hoarding the food
Steph and Vanessa
 FAMILY :) Silv, Callie, Kimiko, Rach, McCall, Allie, and I
Karen = The Grudge
Duvae and Kimiko
Me, Karen, and Rach
Hahah Chlo
Me, Kimiko, and Karen
Tommy and his girls! Me, Sierra, Vanessa, Silv, Nicole, Allie, Karen, Katelyn, and Natalie
We got a picture with Amy!!! Katelyn, Callie, Silv, Amy, and I
Her favorite daughter...

We were going to have a Halloween party on Saturday but we decided to reschedule it. Instead, we went all over Greek Row and a couple places off the row!
Me and Rach
Me, Katie, and Rach
Allie, Rach, and Kirsten
McCall, Rach, Nicole, Kirsten, Amanda, and Allie
Rach and I
McCall and Rach
Anaconda squeeze
Natalie and I
Rach and Allie
Hahaha Buck = Old Spice Man
Sam and Ian
Rach and Ryan
Alexis and Julia and their friend from Vegas
Hahaha Caroline took a spill...
Rach, Kimiko, and I
Sally and I
Us with the "Missionaries" Sara, Rach, Me, and Katie
Eric and I
Rach and the chicken
Chicken vs Gumbi
Kenzie's :)
Me and Rach
Me and Neela
Me and Sarah
Me and Bella
Kimiko and I
Me and Rach
 Zach and JJay
Me and Angela
Me and Carly
Where's Waldo?
Rach and Neela
Me and Neela
Rach and Polly
Fasian and Rach
Katie and Pat
Jeremy and Logan
Jayme, Kate, Me, Amanda, and Kimiko
Emma and Steph
Kenzie loves to ski
Jayme, some dude, a duck, Kenzie, and Neela
Kenzie beat him in a dance-off
Kenzie and Neela

This was a great week!! I had so much fun!!! ΔΓ ♥ ⚓

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