Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sister spotlight

Shoutout to my girls Chloee and Jane.

They are today's sisters.. Even though they aren't in our pledge class. But WHATEVS. They love to stalk little pledgies. Especially me and Silvia. We love them for it though! Makes us feel special to know they want to find out everything we do/put on Facebook :) But in all honesty, Chlo and Jane are two of my favorite actives. I've known Chloee forever cause she lives two blocks away from me but I just met Jane this year and I already love her to death! Chloee is one the main reasons why I went DG. She treated me like the big sister I've always wanted all throughout the summer and rush. Without her, I wouldn't have known much about DG except that my family is full of DG's. They didn't know anything about how it is now though so Chlo filled me in and made me fall in love :) She also introduced me to tons of amazing girls so I knew a few of them going into it. I love watching Jane and Chlo at chapter lunch just being the psychos they are. Silv and I always talk about how they remind us of us. They are so happy and free-spirited and if we are going to be "them" when we are some of the oldest DG's, we have some pretty big shoes to fill! I love having them as my sisters and I love knowing I can always look up to them and count on them to be there for me if I need anything! They definitely take care of me as if I am their real little sister. I can't wait to bond with them even more cause I love them so so much and look up to them more than they know! I love you Chloee and Jane!! ΔΓ ♥ ⚓

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