Monday, November 22, 2010

an update of the past little while

So my life has been crazy busy so I never have time to update my blog! But the past few weeks have been SO amazing. Two weeks ago we had Initiation! Seriously, one of the best weeks ever. And that means I'm an active member of DG now!! :) It was so special to be able to share that day with my mom, grandma, and Katie. I wish Heather and Heidi could've been there but it was awesome to have some of my amazing legacy there with me!
Katie, mom, me, grandma

After initiation, I went SKIING!!! It was opening day at Snowbird! It was sooo nice to be back "home." I've missed it so much, especially since I didn't get to go up much last year because of dance and my knee. The conditions were perfect and I am so ready for an amazing season :)
Crit, me, Port, and Sean

That night, the Sig's had a "Fraturday Night" party. It was pretty much your stereotypical southern frat party. Haha such a blast! We all dressed "fratty" and had the best time ever!!
Teresa, Allie, some girl?? (eek my bad.. she's in a different house), Carol, Silv, Polly, Allie, Kenzie, Nicole, Natalie, and I

This past Thursday, I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter! Abby rented out a theater so tons of DG's and other awesome people went! Everyone got way dressed up and it was so much fun!! Everyone was so creative with their costumes; Kylee was the weeping willow, Kate VW was the sorting hat -- we had just about every character in the book there. Literally.
Rach, Nicole, and I were muggles :) I don't really know what Kirsten was thinking.. I'm assuming she was a muggle too. Hahaha

Friday, we had our Golden Anchor Formal :) I took Jeremy and it was easily one of the best nights of my life. He was the best date ever and we had such a great time!!! We went to Benihana for dinner and then the dance was at Pierpont.
Logan and Karen
Leah and Collin
Jeremy and I
"Barbie and Ken" hahah Kenzie and Gray
Logan, Karen, Leah, and Collin
Karen, Leah, and Collin
Some chef, Callie, Amanda, me, and Rach
The date :)
Rach, Jeremy, and McCall
Brand and Nicole
Jeremy, Rach, and Eric
Jeremy and I
LSay and KMac
Rach, Leah, me, and McCall
Leah, Rach, and Jeremy
Me and my best friend Rachie :)
So in love
Pahaha typical to find Leah and I like this
Me and my BFF Willie
Annie and Leah
Sara and I
Steph and date
Kimiko and I
Rach and John
Scotty (our Anchorman) and I
Jourdan and I
Me and Wyn.. Deep down, he loves me
Vanessa and I
Ian and Kirsten
Ian, Buck, and Kirsten.. Of course he's undressing himself.. Always is
Buck and Sierra
Me and Chlo
Peter and Neela
DOUGIEEEE :) Emily, me, Doug, and Chlo
Emil and Eric
Me and Morgs
Garrett and Silv
I love my date
Masoud, Willie, and Collin
Spencer and I
Silv, Auntie Morgs, and I
Me and Nicole
Me and Jane
Spencer, JJ, and Natalie
Me, JJ, and Spencer
Tobin and Jourdan
Silv, Eric, and Julia
Gray, Jeremy, JJ, Katelyn, Vanessa, James, and Spencer
Tal and Katie
Katie, me, and Spencer
Jourdan, Katie, and I
Katie, James, Jourdan, someone..., me, and Amanda hahaha

Last night was way fun too! Silv, Nicole, and I wandered around Greek Row for a little bit and ended up at the Deeg. We had a great night making brownies, watching Titanic, and talking with our sisters in the kitchen til 1 in the morning. We went up to SigEp and went sledding with them and finished off the night cuddling up with the boys and watching movies :)

This Friday, Rach and I are MOVING OUT! We got a cute little house close to campus and we can start moving our stuff in after Thanksgiving!! I can't wait!! It's going to be so much fun living with my best friend in the whole world!! :))

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend and I know this next week is going to be just as great! :) ΔΓ ♥ ⚓