Monday, October 25, 2010

derby days

Last week was Sigma Chi's "Derby Days." It was so much fun! There were different events everyday and of course DG ROCKED it! Silvia and I were in the food fight and we won!! It was so so so much fun!

We had a sisterhood pumpkin carving activity! Mine and Silv's are the two in the middle with the ΔΓ eyes

We had formal on Friday and I went with JJay! It was awesome! We went up to Deer Valley and had dinner and then there was a dance and we just hung out! It was so much fun and an amazing first formal! I can't wait to go to more!
John, Rach, JJay, and I
Sierra, Rach, Me, Sally, Kirsten, Cici, and Natalie. Oh and let's not forget Chaz and Buck creepin in the back :)
Kimiko and her dear friend Gwynne. Hopefully she isn't too creeped out!!
Lots of my sissies :)
We love dancing!
YAY!!! Natalie won Derby Darling!!! Way to go sis!!

I can't wait for our formal in a few weeks! And this week should be tons of fun too! It's our Anchor Splash! Tons of fun events!! Tuesday from 6pm-9pm we have Anchor Slam (basketball tournament) in the Hyper Building! Thursday is a Flapjack Dinner from 9pm-12am at the Deeg! And Saturday is our Halloween party from 9:30pm-11:30pm in the Captain's Room at Fort Douglas! Be sure to come to all of our fun activities!! ΔΓ ♥ ⚓

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