Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sister spotlight

So, I'm gonna try this new thing where I highlight one of my pledge sisters every day :)
Today's sister is Amanda Airmet.

This is my sister Amanda :) She is seriously one of the coolest girls I've ever met. She's pretty much that girl that has EVERYTHING going for her and is so awesome and you're just really jealous of her! She flies planes, is in the Navy, and is gorgeousss! She's a very strong, independent woman and won't let others walk all over her or bring her down. She's always down to do anything, whether it be something crazy or just relaxing with friends. She's a very unique woman; she's not like anyone else I've ever met! I've loved already getting to know her a little bit and I'm so happy she's my sister now so I can get to know her even better! I love you Amanda! ΔΓ ♥ ⚓

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